BlogFestivus 2013: A Christmas Carol – Ebeneezer Scrooge


“Time for the Christmas party, Mr. S” Scrooge heard his secretary’s smooth voice from the doorway.  He did not look up.

“You mean that salmonella-fest pot luck the employees have every year, Patty?  Well, they better be back in their cubicles at 1:00.  I’m not paying anyone to sit around singing sappy songs and exchanging gifts.  Nonsense.”

“Yes, sir.  I e-mailed that reminder you dictated yesterday to all employees.”

“I suppose you are going?” he asked, finally looking up at his longest-tenured employee.

“Yes”, Patty said icily.  “I’ll be back at 1:00.”  She headed toward the cafeteria, where delicious aromas and raucous laughter spilled out each time the door was opened.  Coworkers greeted her warmly and a plate appeared in her hand.  Her Secret Santa gift was placed under the bedraggled tree in the corner.

Scrooge looked up from his spreadsheet, muttering about the cost of holiday pay. Why couldn’t this be one of those years when the holidays fell on the weekend?  He sipped his coffee, which had grown cold.  Damn, Patty was at that blasted party, he’d have to get his own warm-up.

He stood, then clutched his chest.  Cold sweat beaded his forehead and ran down his neck.  He fell back into his chair with a thud.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


I crazily agreed to participate in BlogFestivus again this year (I pooped out last year).  I hope you’ll visit all these talented writers who are tossing out 200 word offerings during this year’s festivities.

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12 responses to “BlogFestivus 2013: A Christmas Carol – Ebeneezer Scrooge

  1. Excellent! Health issues. And so early! Color me not at all shocked. *grin*

    (Glad to see you. Hope you last the week. I’d write them for you if I could, but your readers would notice they’re not half as good. Did I just inadvertently rhyme?)

    • I think I can make it – I miss writing so much. I’ll be on the road a lot this week, but plan on keeping pace. You did just rhyme! and so late in the evening…

  2. I totally used to work for this guy. Could he be…dead?

  3. Oh my! And he didn’t even get a visit from three spirits first. Well, we don’t always get those extra chances, do we? But you’ve moved old Scrooge up to the present day very nicely. I love the “salmonella-fest potluck.” Perfect.

    I really like your blog title and your header too.

  4. This does not portend well, methinks. And getting his own coffee? Horrors! 🙂

  5. So glad you’re tackling this again this year now that you’re feeling better.

    This reminds me of “9 to 5” – maybe Patty got the Skinny & Sweet confused with the rat poison?

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