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Not Feeling the Whole Christmas Thing

I now live in Florida, having moved 14 months ago from the frozen north.  It is warm here (although people who have been here longer tell me it is cool.  I am still wearing open-toed shoes and shorts, and battle perpetual hot flashes, so perhaps I am not the best judge).  It is hard for me to get into the holiday spirit when I am out pruning bushes, trying to staunch the flow of multi-legged creatures determined to share my living space, and applying sunscreen.

In addition to Salvation Army bell ringers in khaki shorts and flip-flops, Santas in Parrot Head t-shirts, and LCD lighting on palm trees, these pictures from around my yard are among the reasons I am having trouble getting into Christmas.

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Make this Scary Beaded Spider for Halloween

You will need

26 gauge beading wire (I used black)

1 large black bead (mine was 22 mm)

1 smaller orange bead (I used 12 mm)

1 size 6 orange seed bead

2-3 grams black Size 11 hex beads

1 gram size 11 orange seed beads

Various tools for snipping, twisting, etc.

Cut 4 pieces of wire 8 inches long, and 1 piece 6 inches long

On the 6 inch piece of wire, place a size 11 black hex bead and center (roughly) on the wire.  Fold the wire so the 2 ends are even.

Thread the 2 ends of the wire through the  large black bead, large orange bead, and the size 6 orange bead.

Bending the wire back around the smaller orange bead, go back through the hole of the smaller bead (between the 2 orange beads).  Slide the smaller bead down and while holding it, pull the ends of the wire to tighten.  These will be the pinchers which will be shaped later  Right now, leave them long to help you hold onto the spider.

Now take the 4 pieces of 8 inch wire and wrap around the wires between the large orange and large black bead.  Twist the wires together to form 8 legs.

Stringing 1 leg at a time, place 5 black hex bead and 1 size 11 orange bead (those are the little ones).  Repeat the pattern for as long as you would like the legs to be.  I repeated 6 times on each leg.

This actually goes pretty fast as the wire acts as the needle.  For the first spider I used 5 repeats of the black and orange beads, and it turned out fine, as well.  You could do 5 on the front and back legs and 6 on the legs in the middle.  Play around, people – get creative.

At the end of the leg, bring the wire back around the last bead, and holding it in place, wrap the leg around the wire several times and snip off the excess.  Repeat for the remaining 7 legs.

Now trim off the ends of the “pinchers” coming from the head of the spider.

Using a round nose plier (What?  you don’t have round nose pliers?  Well, using a pencil tip or some other round object), twist the ends around to resember little biting jaws.  BwahHaHaHaHa.

The legs are very bendable which makes the spiders completely pose-able.  Guess who will be going to work with me tomorrow.


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The Shell Factory and Nature Park – Ft. Myers, FL

Pretty Little Mermaids - the littlest one would have fit inside this shell

We took our son, his girlfriend, and 2 of my granddaughters to the Shell Factory and Nature Park near Ft. Myers, Florida when they visited.  We spent a small fortune on shells and souvenirs (hey, what are grandkids for?), and saw a few critters.

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What’s Blooming in the Yard?

Just checking out the yard with my camera – thought you might like to see what is blooming (and lurking) this week at Casa k8edid

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What’s happening in your yard?


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Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park pictures (and my first attempt at using the slide show feature).  The day started cloudy, then cleared beautifully.  In September, there were no crowds, and the air was fresh and clean.   Fortunately, because of my leg injury, most of the day was spent in the vehicle, driving from one scenic view to another.


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