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Arches National Park – WARNING – Vacation Photos

It has been a while since I’ve shared photos of my trip out west with my husband (and best driver in the world).  I was on a 6-month hiatus from driving, plus I had a leg injury.  Most of the travel time was spent icing my injured (and very bruised and swollen) leg.  Hubby drove all 5,000 miles and didn’t once leave me at a tourist spot (although I am sure he was tempted on many occasions).  But then, who would have told him how to drive?

Enjoy Arches National Park.

Just inside the entrance.  And another gorgeous sky.

Not even to the good stuff yet.

Balanced Rock

Now some Arches carved by wind and rain.

We sat under this arch – there was a beautiful breeze that felt almost like air conditioning.  My poor leg was screaming by this point, but we kept on…

I thought this rock looked like a Sharpei

Near the end of our excursion

And the shifted earth outside the park…


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