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My NEW Favorite Things – Viral Video Version

No, there won’t be any whiskers on kittens or any of that sappy stuff.  This is just a compilation of things I happen to like, today.

Military cover of Adele “Rolling in the Deep”

I see possibilities for a new reality show featuring musical military acts.  So You Think You can Shoot and Sing?  Target practice and talent?  Hell, yeah.



All in all, I prefer sitting in a stifling plane waiting for the tarmac to be cleared of turtles to waiting for the pilot to finish his drink at the bar…


New Friends!

Branch out, people, make new friends from different cultures, races, SPECIES?


Georgia On My Mind – Simply Amazing

This one is kind of long but worth it!!


The Things they Teach at School These Days – Beyond The 3 Rs

Whether you think someone should be shooting real arrows in the art room or not, this is pretty amazing video.


Just when you think it’s safe to record a song in a brothel….


Okay, I have to actually go do some real work now, dammit.  Enjoy.


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