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Bryce Canyon National Park

Dear Friends –

I had to work today.  All day.  With makeup on.  And shoes. I actually styled my hair.   It was horrifying (the job – not my hair).  And wonderful (again, the job – not my hair).

The bad news is, every cell I have hurts and I can’t even think about writing a post.  The good news is I’ve decided to share more of my vacation pictures with you.

You’re welcome.

Cedar Breaks National Monument near Bryce Canyon National Park

Cedar Breaks Natioinal Monument

Bryce Canyon National Park. Incredible beauty.

Beautiful natural sculptures.

Cliff caves - Bryce National Canyon

The weather was,once again, spectacular.

My leg injury kept me from walking to the floor of the canyon, next trip I will definitely make that trek.

The colors were so vibrant - I only wish I had read my camera's owner's manual before we left, I probably would have gotten better shots.

All of these photos are unretouched (only because I don't know how).

Again, trails and paths I would have loved to walk, but because of my mangled legs I could not.

Just be glad I don't post all the pretty blue sky/fluffy could pictures...

The little "statues" are called hoodoos.

More hoodoos.

Such beauty, and shared with my best friend in the world.


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