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Vote Early – Vote Often

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It is not too late to go to the caption contest and vote for my caption.  I am currently LOSING but I’ve had a lot of fun hijacking posts and bantering with Darla (She’s a Maineiac) and Pegoleg .

I even visited the blog of REscarcega (currently in the lead until my paid voters show up – maybe I shouldn’t have recruited voters at the bar?).  I urge you to grab a box of Kleenex and go over to his blog and read the account of the death of his brother.  I’ll wait…….

There, there.

Now, wave to my husband “Sweet Cheeks”.  Say Hi, honey.  He lurks around my blog everyday, now, waiting for me to say something profound and praying I don’t say anything embarassing about him.  I may lose the caption contest, but I have won the husband lottery, so it’s okay.

Now I am going to go plant some stuff before my dog eats any more of it.


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Suffering Succotash

Today is my sister’s birthday.  She is a little older than I am (although most people assume I am older since I stopped coloring my hair years ago).   We are in the back row (I’m on the left).  She is the only person left on earth who has known me since the day I was born.  She knows me probably better than anyone and loves me anyway.  We make quite a pair – she has a hearing loss and I am very forgetful.  She can remember anything if she can hear it, and I can hear everything, but can’t remember it.  I wish I could give her a birthday hug in person, cyber hugs just don’t cut it.

Alice Marie Flannery

Happy Birthday, Sis.


I am recovering from a 3 day weather-induced migraine/sinus splitting headache combo.  It was pretty rough.  I may, or may not, have left stupid comments on some blogs.  If I did, I apologize.  If I didn’t, I wish I had, I can be pretty entertaining on medications….


I attended a memorial service Monday evening for one of my nursing students who died from a heart attack.  He was a great guy – an older student (35), large, loud, bright and funny.  He was a husband and father of 5.  He came from a very large family with 13 siblings, many adopted.  His cheery presence will be greatly missed both in the classroom and in the nursing lab I run for the college.

He worked full time, went to school full time and was a father – full time.  He laughed about burning the candle at both ends.  He lived on Red Bull and other “energy” drinks to keep himself alert and constantly moving.  His wit was razor sharp and his capacity for absorbing minutiae was incredible.

His widow, his children, and his siblings each read a letter written to say goodbye.  I have never, and probably never will, write words as poignant as those read that night.  I pray that I will never have to.


Imagine my surprise to find that I am a finalist in the caption contest over at the Good Greatsby’s Blog.  Please, I am BEGGING you, go there and vote for my caption.  I will owe you, big time.  I will do all kinds of things for you, like belch when you feel full, sleep for you when you feel tired, and bottle up some sunshine and send it your way on gray and gloomy days.  I don’t make offers like that to just anybody, either.  So get on over there, and vote.  Thanks.

Here’s hoping the rest of the week will be better.


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