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And the Winner Is….Where is that darned envelope?


sloth (Photo credit: iamrandygirl)

Sorry  – I’ve been pretty busy trying to catch up from the luxurious vacation last week – where I took 2 days off from work and will spend 2 weeks trying to straighten out the messes created by those trying to be “helpful” in my absence.  In addition, I forgot to put an end date on the voting poll and couldn’t edit it – so had to remove it from the post so that people wouldn’t continue to vote long after I am dead and gone.  So much to learn!  So little remembered from one competition to the next!

Dave, from 1pointsperspective was the big winner in the Sloth round of the Deadly Sins competition.  Make sure you get over there and check out his great illustration that accompanies his entry – “The One Thumbed Sloth“.

Once again, a $40 donation to the charity of Dave’s choice will be made in his honor.  Lenore Diane also will make a donation to one of three organizations selected by her.  So Dave, if you’ve always wanted to donate to “Save the Sloths” – here is your big chance!

Congratulations, Dave!


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