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LE = [H(tv) * -22min] + 3E – Sm[(15yrs*10/2) *22min) – SLS*22min – O/2*22min

I was intrigued by this article http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/44156412/ns/health-fitness/?gt1=43001 that states, basically, for every hour of television Austrailians watch, they lose 22 minutes off their life (not to mention the hour they waste when they could be cyberstalking people).  Just how bad can Austrailian television be?  Probably not any worse than our American offerings, so I started doing a little calculating.

The same article references a Tawainese study that says 15 minutes of exercise (walking, particularly) a day adds 3 years to your life.  Whew, I knew getting a dog was going to be a great investment…almost every day, at least 15 minutes…I’m golden.  I mean, I’m Shepherd.

Come on Mom, let's walk!!

But wait – smoking (a habit I’ve given up not once, but twice) 2 cigarettes also takes approximately 22 minutes off your life.

As does a sedentary lifestyle (crap!)

and obesity (XXL crap!!).

So, according to my precise calculations…..

LE – Average life expectancy for a white female in the US is approximately 80.8 years.

H(tv) – hours of televsion watched (A great many, but I’m not counting the hours I snoozed while Sweet Cheeks watched golf (zzzzzzz) or baseball(ZZZZZZZZZZZZ).

3E – 3 years added on for exercise – walking 15 minutes (come on Shelby, let’s take a walk, I know it is both raining and 100 degrees out, but do this for Mommy, please).

SM – smoking (probably 15 years total,  1/2 pack a day)

SLS – sedentary lifestyle –  dammit, I am a speed typist, doesn’t that count for something?  No?  okay.

O – Obesity, yeah, I’m working on that but it is a slow process, and I haven’t always been overweight (especially when I smoked – Hmmmmmm). So I’ll take  O divided by 2.

According to my precise calculations, I died last week.


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