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Sea Love – For my Husband on Sweetest Day

Sea Love - copyright Val Erde

 When I first saw this artwork “Sea Love” from Val Erde I thought of my favorite “swimming hole” here in Florida.  “Swimming” is a euphemism for wading out in the water far enough that no one can see me in a swimsuit.  The spot I have in mind is the Gulf of Mexico off Gasparilla Island State Park near Boca Grande.  You know, where the Bushes (Sr. George H.W. and Barbara) spent a few weeks each winter.Boca Grande is a quaint little touristy town where iguanas wander the streets at will, bougainvilla seems to always be in bloom and gorgeous banyan trees line the streets.  The beach stretches on and on, and there are no less than 5 State parks along the island which ends at Boca Grande Pass where Charlotte Harbor meets the Gulf of Mexico.  In August the water temperature can reach 86-88 degrees, and while it is not refreshing – it is soothing and restorative.  In the summer, we have been the only people on the beach for long stretches of time.  In the winter, snow birds enjoy the sunny respite from the frozen north.I have been to the beach at Boca Grande without my husband – and it was not nearly as much fun.  We usually pack a lunch, our beach umbrella, some books and some adult beverages – and make a day of it.  We planned on going tomorrow, but Red Tide has hit and it is looking like our beach day is not going to happen.


Beach chairs under umbrella shade

Cooler stashed, blankets laid
Camera, books, towels – all placed
Worries and troubles quickly erased.

Buoyant, laughing, splashing around
Playful joking, sea gulls abound.
Warm sand, blue skies, wispy clouds
The beach to ourselves – no winter crowds.

Soothing water, blistering sun

Restoring our souls; stress undone.
Soft rolling waves – sounds of the seas
Salty smell of the light summer breeze.
Sea love under August sun
Salty kisses, sunglasses and rum
Sweet embrace with sunscreened limbs
Lingering until the sunlight dims.


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