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BlogFestivus 2012 – Vixen

BlogFestivus 2012 – 243 words – 9 days – 9 Reindeer (wait, are there 9?)

Vixen left the gym and headed to the spa.  She had to work out twice as hard as her male counterparts to keep in shape, especially since her propensity for drinking the fellas under the table perpetuated her tendency toward saddlebags .  Between the training regimen for her annual gig on the sleigh team, maintaining her blog and cranking out stories for the local rag – the Arctic Circle, there weren’t enough hours in the day.  Unfortunately, none of those enterprises were lucrative – her creditors were getting a little testy.

With her hooves soaking and a hot oil treatment on her luxurious coat, Vixen sipped a lichen tea.  She wondered how she was going to come up with the rent money – the paper had cut her hours and Santa had threatened to cut staff since that red-nosed rabble-rouser had tried unionizing the elves.  She hoped her debit card could cover today’s spa visit – the credit cards were all maxed out.  Between the Pole dancing lessons, increasing costs for her high-maintenance look, and her love of harness bling Vixen was in deep deer doo-doo in the credit arena.

She held her breath as the receptionist swiped her card…and it wasn’t rejected.  She had ten days till Christmas and the next paycheck.  Time to reap the benefits of the plan she’d worked out so carefully.  She replaced the card in her wallet and smiled to herself.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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The New Girls’ Night Out


“It’s Girls’ Night” my youngest granddaughter told her mother on the phone.  “And we’re swimming.”  She was so excited, as were her cousins.  We’d booked a suite, combining a visit to a sick relative with a last fling of Christmas break.

For me, Girls’ Night has new meaning.  Instead of poker and beer, it was Nintendo and Bug Juice.  Instead of Rocky Horror Picture Show it was Chronicals of Narnia.  Nights at the comedy club were traded for “Knock, Knock” jokes.  Hairspray, makeup, and perfume got traded for hair detangler and chlorine removing shampoo.


Justin Bieber at the 2010 White House Easter E...

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Instead of rock bands there were pony tail bands.  Instead of discussions of world events, celebrity missteps and politics, the talk was of Justin Bieber, Codie Simpson, who has a “boyfriend”, and who gets to sleep in the bed with Nanny.  Instead of glitzy outfits, dangly earrings and the elusive “perfect jeans” we partied in damp swimsuits and warm jammies.  Instead of appetizers and drinks we consumed trail mix, fruit and uncaffeinated soft drinks.  Instead of hangovers, there was morning snuggling and giggling.

And it was good.

As I watched them sleep, much as I had watched their fathers sleep many years ago, I was filled with wonder at the love I feel for them.  My pride at their every accomplishment – my heartache at their every sorrow.  Will they ever know just how their simply being born enriched my life?  Will they ever know that as I drove away from them I turned my face to the window and cried halfway to my new home?

Do they know how I savor every minute that they WANT to spend with me because I know that in the natural course of growing up they will soon prefer spending their time with friends their own ages to hanging out with a funny old woman with white hair and sun damaged skin?  Will they know of my secret pride that, in spite of the hundreds of dollars spent collectively on their Christmas presents, that their favorite activity is still “playing school” with Nanny, who presents them with math problems, art projects and yes – writing assignments?




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A Writer is Born – Or How I Ruined My Own Christmas

“I want to be a writer” I would tell my mother when I was just a girl.

“Be a secretary”, she said “you’ll get to wear pretty dresses and you won’t get all dirty.  You’ll always have a job.”  Obviously, my mother was not very liberated, and she couldn’t have predicted the effect technology would have on what she considered a glamorous profession.  She had worked very hard – hard physical labor – starting as a very young woman, and she wanted better for her daughters.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

When I was 10 years old I wanted a typewriter, because I felt I needed one to really become a writer.  I knew that money was scarce for our large family, and Christmases were sometimes quite lean.  Sometimes there would be gifts with multiple names on them – meaning they had to be shared with siblings.  Those were my least favorite gifts of all.  But, oh, I wanted a typewriter so badly…I didn’t want dolls, or stuffed animals, or games or clothes.  Just a typewriter.

So you would think the girl opening that typewriter on Christmas morning in 1965 would have been the happiest girl in the world, right?  WRONG.  For I knew that typewriter would be opened that morning, and I hated every minute of knowing.

I had been putting away laundry in my parents room, and hanging up some clothing when I saw the bag of toys on the floor of the closet.  I knew I shouldn’t look, but I couldn’t resist the temptation.  There it was – the typewriter (a toy one, but a typewriter none-the-less).  I was so thrilled.  That joy was short-lived, however.

I would lie awake at night, worried that my parents knew I had snooped.  Worried that I wouldn’t be able to act surprised and would be exposed as a Christmas-time cheater.  I was worried that the typewriter would be one of the shared gifts, or worse yet, not even designated for me.  I worried that my guilt would be uncovered and I would be punished.  I about worried myself sick.

I remember the present opening that morning.  I tentatively ripped the paper away from the box with my name on it.  There it was, the object of my desire.  And it was mine, all mine!  I tried to look surprised, innocent, and thrilled when the snapshot was taken, but I am not sure I pulled it off completely.

The typewriter was clunky and cumbersome.  The letter keys did not work, you had to turn the dial to the desired letter or number and then jam down hard on one of the keys at the bottom of the keyboard.  It had a little inked ribbon and came with a packet of paper that I promptly used up.  I wore that little ribbon out.

I am not sure whatever happened to the typewriter – I either outgrew it or it broke.  I had started writing in notebooks, anyway, they were a lot more portable and definitely quieter.  I was known to stay up way past bedtime reading or writing, often under the blankets with a flashlight.

I spent some years working as a secretary before going to nursing school, and as my mom had predicted, I wore lots of pretty dresses and didn’t get very dirty.  But I never, ever, went looking for presents again.


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All I Want for Christmas….zzzzzzzzzzzz

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas

Is to keep what I’ve already got

Believe me that is something

For I really have a lot.


The man I wake up next to

Would be good to keep around

Not just because he loves but

Because our hearts are bound.


Healthy kids and grandkids

Their loving hugs and kisses

I must have these – I would insist

Even if it wasn’t Christmas.


My sisters I must keep as well

For they’ve seen me through a lot.

Neices, nephews, cousins, too.

All the relatives that I’ve got.


I’d like to keep my job, of course

And my home, I want to keep.

My precious dog, all my plants

And my eleven year old Jeep.


The remainder of my eyesight and

Brain cells I haven’t killed

If I could keep both of those

I truly would be thrilled.


Cash enough to pay the bills and

Put food upon the table

The lights, the gas, the internet

And Oh, we must keep cable!


My friends – both old and new

I’d want to keep them still.

To share a laugh, a tear or two (or twenty).

They’re friends – they know the drill.


My sense of humor – such as it is

I could not do without

For surely I would rant and rave

Of that there is not doubt.


I don’t need things – I have too much

So let me make this clear

Santa there really is no need

For you to stop by here.


But if you do, all I would ask

In addition to the things I’d keep.

Please keep it down – as best you can

I’d like a good night’s sleep!


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