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All I Want for Christmas….zzzzzzzzzzzz

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas

Is to keep what I’ve already got

Believe me that is something

For I really have a lot.


The man I wake up next to

Would be good to keep around

Not just because he loves but

Because our hearts are bound.


Healthy kids and grandkids

Their loving hugs and kisses

I must have these – I would insist

Even if it wasn’t Christmas.


My sisters I must keep as well

For they’ve seen me through a lot.

Neices, nephews, cousins, too.

All the relatives that I’ve got.


I’d like to keep my job, of course

And my home, I want to keep.

My precious dog, all my plants

And my eleven year old Jeep.


The remainder of my eyesight and

Brain cells I haven’t killed

If I could keep both of those

I truly would be thrilled.


Cash enough to pay the bills and

Put food upon the table

The lights, the gas, the internet

And Oh, we must keep cable!


My friends – both old and new

I’d want to keep them still.

To share a laugh, a tear or two (or twenty).

They’re friends – they know the drill.


My sense of humor – such as it is

I could not do without

For surely I would rant and rave

Of that there is not doubt.


I don’t need things – I have too much

So let me make this clear

Santa there really is no need

For you to stop by here.


But if you do, all I would ask

In addition to the things I’d keep.

Please keep it down – as best you can

I’d like a good night’s sleep!


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Home again – an Etheree


jumps up

When my car

Pulls in the drive.

So glad to see me

She can’t contain her joy.

Warm brown eyes seek out my own.

She follows me into the house,

Lies at my feet – asks only for love

And the occasional treat after tricks.

Asleep beside my bed, then bounding

Up at the sound of the alarm

Eager for outdoors, patrols

The boundaries of her world.

Anxious at jingling keys,

Knowing I will leave,

Be gone all day

And then I am

Home again.


Every morning when I leave, Shelby and my beloved husband see me off.   I see them in my rearview mirror as I drive away.   When I return at the end of the day, they greet me so affectionately.  That makes the leaving hard and the return joyous.  Like them, I cannot wait for that moment of homecoming, the simple joy of seeing the love in their eyes, and knowing I am responsible for the happiness on their faces.

My grandpa told me once “If you ever meet someone who is always as glad to see you as your dog – marry them”.  Good advice.

Shelby waits for Mama


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Sea Love – For my Husband on Sweetest Day

Sea Love - copyright Val Erde

 When I first saw this artwork “Sea Love” from Val Erde I thought of my favorite “swimming hole” here in Florida.  “Swimming” is a euphemism for wading out in the water far enough that no one can see me in a swimsuit.  The spot I have in mind is the Gulf of Mexico off Gasparilla Island State Park near Boca Grande.  You know, where the Bushes (Sr. George H.W. and Barbara) spent a few weeks each winter.Boca Grande is a quaint little touristy town where iguanas wander the streets at will, bougainvilla seems to always be in bloom and gorgeous banyan trees line the streets.  The beach stretches on and on, and there are no less than 5 State parks along the island which ends at Boca Grande Pass where Charlotte Harbor meets the Gulf of Mexico.  In August the water temperature can reach 86-88 degrees, and while it is not refreshing – it is soothing and restorative.  In the summer, we have been the only people on the beach for long stretches of time.  In the winter, snow birds enjoy the sunny respite from the frozen north.I have been to the beach at Boca Grande without my husband – and it was not nearly as much fun.  We usually pack a lunch, our beach umbrella, some books and some adult beverages – and make a day of it.  We planned on going tomorrow, but Red Tide has hit and it is looking like our beach day is not going to happen.


Beach chairs under umbrella shade

Cooler stashed, blankets laid
Camera, books, towels – all placed
Worries and troubles quickly erased.

Buoyant, laughing, splashing around
Playful joking, sea gulls abound.
Warm sand, blue skies, wispy clouds
The beach to ourselves – no winter crowds.

Soothing water, blistering sun

Restoring our souls; stress undone.
Soft rolling waves – sounds of the seas
Salty smell of the light summer breeze.
Sea love under August sun
Salty kisses, sunglasses and rum
Sweet embrace with sunscreened limbs
Lingering until the sunlight dims.


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Damn You, Blank Page

Damn you, blank page, What are you thinking?

No words appear, cursor silently blinking.

No idea explosions, no inspirations rock me

Pristinely, emptily, blankly – you mock me.

Where are you, muse? Hiding again?

I thought we were buddies, I judged you a friend.

You leave me here struggling, digging so deep

That I pack it all in and try for some sleep.

Deep in the night, an idea – inspiration!

I fire up the laptop, forget trepidation.

The words will come spilling, tumbling out

I’ll finish this work, a Masterpiece, no doubt!

Wait.  Stop, Idea.  Where are you going?

Muse, get back here – There’s no brilliance showing.

My elation’s short-lived, my confidence sinking

There on the blank page, a lone cursor blinking.

Damn you blank page.
What was I thinking?


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If I Had Known

If I had known you’d leave so soon,

I’d have prepared myself for that day in June.

When you left this earth without a sound

On wings of angels – heavenbound.

I’d have taken you to lunch, ignored the price.

Hugged you more, and asked your advice.

I’d have listened more, and talked a lot less

I’d have given you more joy, and a lot less stress.


If I had known you’d grow so fast

I’d have tried a lot harder to make things last.

I’d have nagged a lot less and played a lot more

Overlooked the mess and each forgotten chore.

I’d have bundled up and gone sledding more

And swam with you and not watched from the shore.

I’d have fished, and wrestled, and enjoyed starry nights

Had many more pets and a lot less fights.


If I had known the years would pass so quickly

I wouldn’t have been quite so prickly.

I’d have questioned less and trusted completely

I would never snap but always answer sweetly.

I’d have savored each sunset, each walk taken together

I’d have overlooked rough roads and really bad weather.

If I had known the life that lay before me

I’d have taken more time to enjoy the journey.


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