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It’s a Poem…It’s Poetry…It’s Driving Me Crazy

How to Rhyme The Complete Science of Written Rhyme

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After a long day at work,
Then a boring drive home
Shall I write poetry?
Or maybe a poem?

Sure, it will rhyme
With a metrical tone
But is it poetry?
Or is it a poem?

With a lyrical cadence
and emotional plea
Have I spit out a poem?
Or perhaps poetry?

Whether professing my love
or describing my home
Is it poetry?
Or is it a poem?

Writing each verse
Wondering which it will be
Does it sound like a poem?
Or more like poetry?

Writing a limerick
or penning a tome
A masterpiece of poetry?
Or an epic poem?

Cranking out rhymes
I write with great glee
Have I created a poem?
Or mere poetry?

The words paint a picture
But what do you see?
Do I call it a poem?
Or declare it poetry?

It drives me crazy
Wherever I roam
I can’t differentiate
Between poetry and poem.

A poem made by Magnetic Poetry pieces. This po...

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Mr. Sandman Bring Me a Dream (or Else)

Mr. Sandman-circa 1986

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Mr. Sandman, was it something I said
That makes you ignore me here in my bed?
In jammies, all ready, pillows just right.
Settled in for a long restful night.

But no, my eyelids although squeezed so tight
Are letting in that annoying street light.
A faucet is dripping, a clock’s somewhere ticking.
A hot flash approaches – it’s blankets I’m kicking.

Fresh nightgown on, pillows re-adjusted
No rest for me yet, my “sleeper” is busted.
Sheep have been counted – forward and back.
But no dreams are forthcoming – it’s zzzzz’s that I lack.

Eyelids get droopy, I start drifting off
When all of a sudden I develop a cough.
Breathing restored, a moment of silence
I must get some sleep or I’ll resort to violence!

Again I get close to that magical state
My stomach starts hurting – was it something I ate?
Dogs bark in the distance, sirens are wailing
Night’s nearly over – at sleep I am failing.

Tossing and turning, just trying to find
A comfortable position so sleep can be mine.
Wait, what’s that sound – what can it be?
Oh, never mind, now I must get up to pee.

alarm clock, bought from IKEA

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Back in the bed, man snoring beside me
Over on the dresser, what’s that I see?
The dreaded alarm clock – red numbers mocking
I curse ever so softly – my language is shocking.

Mind now cleared, muscles relaxing
Trying to rest shouldn’t be so darned taxing.
At last I am sleepy, dreams soon overtake me
But the buzzing alarm clock is trying to wake me.

Another night shot, I failed the “sleep” test
You’ll find me later with my head on my desk.
I know you’re avoiding me, I just don’t know why
So, Sandman, I’m begging you  – please do stop by.


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All I Want for Christmas….zzzzzzzzzzzz

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas

Is to keep what I’ve already got

Believe me that is something

For I really have a lot.


The man I wake up next to

Would be good to keep around

Not just because he loves but

Because our hearts are bound.


Healthy kids and grandkids

Their loving hugs and kisses

I must have these – I would insist

Even if it wasn’t Christmas.


My sisters I must keep as well

For they’ve seen me through a lot.

Neices, nephews, cousins, too.

All the relatives that I’ve got.


I’d like to keep my job, of course

And my home, I want to keep.

My precious dog, all my plants

And my eleven year old Jeep.


The remainder of my eyesight and

Brain cells I haven’t killed

If I could keep both of those

I truly would be thrilled.


Cash enough to pay the bills and

Put food upon the table

The lights, the gas, the internet

And Oh, we must keep cable!


My friends – both old and new

I’d want to keep them still.

To share a laugh, a tear or two (or twenty).

They’re friends – they know the drill.


My sense of humor – such as it is

I could not do without

For surely I would rant and rave

Of that there is not doubt.


I don’t need things – I have too much

So let me make this clear

Santa there really is no need

For you to stop by here.


But if you do, all I would ask

In addition to the things I’d keep.

Please keep it down – as best you can

I’d like a good night’s sleep!


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When I Write

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When I Write

Sometimes I’m filled with joy

And want to record the fullness of my heart

Can you hear it? my soaring spirit.

That is when I write.


Sometimes I’m filled with sorrow

And want to sort the emotions washing over me

Examine and inspect, embrace or reject

That is when I write.


Sometimes I’m feeling silly

And want to laugh at the world

Poke fun at myself and everyone else

That is when I write.


Sometimes I’m filled with wonder

At the beauty of the universe

Moon and sun, a life just begun

That is when I write.


Sometimes I’m filled with anger

At pettiness, abuse, greed and hate

Innocents who cannot speak; too small, too weak

That is when I write.


Sometimes I’m filled with awe

At the wonder of the human spirit

Able to overcome and endure, determination so pure

That is when I write.


Sometimes I am filled with gratitude

For the blessings in my life

Peace, comfort, joy, love – forgiveness from above.

That is when I write.


Sometimes I’m filled with all these emotions

In the course of a single day

Words come forth, for what they’re worth

And that is WHY I write.


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Monday Moanin’

An old style alarm clock.

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Monday morning, here again.

Alarm clock sounds, moans begin.

Hurried breakfast, shower then race

To do my hair, put on my face.

Highway’s packed. Commute begun.

Road rage attitudes, blinding sun.

Texters, twitterers, phones to ears.

Skillful maneuvering, shifting gears.

Sunday drivers, one day late!

Careening around them, get irate.

Coffee splashes and radio blaring.

Commute then ends amidst the swearing.

Into the parking lot just on time

Solid day’s work, to make a dime

Pack it all up, head back to the ranch

The traffic’s worse! my face does blanch.

Into the driveway, home at last!

The evening passes much too fast.

Repeat four times; a weekend and then

Monday comes –  we’ll do it again.


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