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Romantic Monday – Side by Side

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She laid her forehead on his cool hand on the hospital bed. A monitor emitted a steady beep as multi-colored lines flowed across the screen in undulating waves. A multitude of tangled lines and tubes delivered or removed fluids – she didn’t even know what most of them were or did. She didn’t really want to know.  The hours since the phone call notifying her of his accident were a blur of tests and procedures, with doctors and nurses swarming detailing the verdict:  head, chest and lung injuries, various broken bones.  In the last hours his condition had stabilized and it was quiet at last.

She stood and leaned over him, her mouth next to his ear. “It’s Valentine’s Day” she whispered.

His finger, the one with the oxygen monitor, twitched once – barely noticeable.

“I’m going to stay tonight. I’ll sleep right here in the chair”.

His finger twitched twice.  The agreed upon sign for “no”.

“We’ve never been apart on Valentine’s Day. I’m staying. The chair will be fine.”

Again, his finger twitched twice.

“You want me to go?”

Two twitches.

“The chair, then?”

Again he signaled no.

She stared at his barely recognizable form – his bandaged head, the breathing tube protruding from his mouth. His body – the one she had loved for so many years – was covered with bruises, abrasions and bandages.  She remembered their first Valentine’s Day together so many years ago. It was the first time she had slept beside him on his narrow bed in his rented room. The monitor beeped.

Two twitches.

She slipped her shoes off and readjusted the tubes and wires. She slid onto the small bed beside him, perching perilously on the edge. She took his hand in hers.

“I love you,” she said. “Is this better?”

One twitch.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This is yet another offering in “Romantic Monday” over at Edward Hotspur’s place.  Check it out.


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Moon and Sun in Perfect Alignment


This week I have had the supreme pleasure of seeing the beautiful harvest moon each morning while waterjogging at the local pool at an ungodly hour.  Before my 30 minutes of laps are up, I am then treated to a sunrise.  I thought about this several times today – the sun and moon are in perfect alignment for that to occur.  By tonight the moon is no longer full, and the sunset will take place a few minutes later – and the opportunity to enjoy that particular set of beautiful scenes will be past.

I am reminded of another time when the sun and moon were in perfect alignment.   They had to have been.  A Sunday, 32 years ago today, when I was married to a wonderful man who was (is) my very best friend.  We were married by a judge in a civil ceremony, in the presence of 2 witnesses and 2 German Shepherds.  No family present – no reception, no hoopla.  I had been married before and did not want to repeat that stress-filled experience.

We had a low-key honeymoon in Northern Michigan, punctuated by car trouble and a terrible migraine.  Omens?  He watched Monday night football and I read a book.  A sign of things to come?  Not a terribly exciting beginning, but one filled with love, tenderness, and hope.  Sweet Cheeks chartered a private plane and we flew over Grand Traverse Bay – in the fall, a very beautiful place.  After a few days we returned home – but not to live together.  The home we purchased was not ready to occupy, and I did not want to move my kindergartener twice, so our first 6 weeks of marriage were spent living apart.  Not typical, but not awful.

Over the years there have been peaks and valleys, struggles and triumphs.  At one time or another each of us has considered throwing in the towel, but fortunately, never both at the same time.  We fought, made up, laughed, and cried, never losing sight of our love and commitment, although sometimes the focus has had to be readjusted.

So today, I want to thank my wonderful husband for 32 years of  sweet togetherness.  Thirty-two years of laughter, support, truthfulness, and friendship.  He is my staunchest defender, best cheerleader, and a perfect straight man for my warped sense of humor.  He endures my snarkiness with characteristic good grace, and tactfully tells me when I step over the line (which is more often than I care to admit).  He has loved me through thick and thin (literally and figuratively), highs and lows, and every spot in between.

I am truly blessed.  I do not know how many more years togther we will have, but I can tell you that it will not be nearly enough.

Happy Anniversary, Sweet Cheeks.


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It’s Friday – Relax your Brain

It’s Friday, my friends.  Another long week is in the books.  I had to work (shudder) and wear makeup (sigh).  And shoes (slump)  So let’s rest our tired little brains (and feet) and enjoy some quick snippets of pure fun.

First, a drink from my blogging friend, Mr. Bitters.  Come on, we all need a bartending blogging buddy, don’t we?

The Blue Hawaiian – a blended drink that features a pineapple slice and a tropical blue color helped feed the Hawaiian craze of the 1960’s. Elvis Presley may have also had a little to do with that as well. This drink also uses a bartender’s best friend –Blue Curaco. Why is it a bartenders best friend? Because when someone sees a blue drink, they want one as well. Everytime I have ever created a blue drink, I have made two or three right after for other guests.

What you will need:

• 1 oz Blue Curaco
• 1 oz light rum
• 1 oz cream of cocomut
• 2 oz pineapple juice
• 1 cherry
• 1 slice of pineapple

1. Add one half cup of ice to your blender
2. Add Blue Curaco
3. Add light rum
4. Add cream of coconut
5. Add pineapple juice
6. Blend
7. Add contents to highball glass
8. Garnish with cherry and pineapple

See, don’t you feel better already?


Thanks to Harry from The Dribbling Pensioner for bringing this video to my attention.  First load it, then start it and close your eyes.

Cool, no?  Well, maybe if you’re getting 15 inches of rain this weekend, you may not find it too exciting, but hey try to keep a sense of humor, okay?


The next video is from  fellow blogger Robyn Michele Levy , talented artist and author of the upcoming book “Most of Me: Surviving my Medical Meltdown”.  Robin’s illustrations, animations and videos always make me smile (and sometimes bring a tear).  This one is about her relationship with her dad.

I love her flying pig animation and intend to win her contest – so don’t even think about entering it.  I mean it.


Perhaps this Mama Duck should have listened to evacuation orders…

I love how she regrouped – reminds me of the many talented blogmoms I’ve met recently, working hard to keep it all together.


Then, because I do love a good horse on the beach video, this one is for my Emma – first grandchild and beautiful horsewoman.


Now I’m going to put up my feet, raise a glass, and pray for the safety of all in the path of Irene.  Good night.


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It’s in His Kiss

Guest Author Shelby The Wonder Shepherd

Today my very intelligent dog, Shelby the Wonder Shepherd, will be answering a few questions from the mailbag.


Dear Shelby:

How can I know if my husband really loves me.  I mean, I know he says he does, but he also tells me I’m not fat, so how can I believe him?

Sleepless in the Sunshine State


 Shelby says:

Dear Sleepless.

Mom?  Is that you?  Really, you have to hover over me on my first assignment like some kind of helicopter?  Jeesh…I should have known.  We don’t even own a mail bag.

Since you asked….

Remember when we went away for 7 weeks and then Dad had to go to work before we made it home?  He left you that banner that said Welcome Home?  I know it looks like a post-it note, but he did use 2 exclamation points.  That’s love.

Doesn’t he always tell you that the roses you buy for yourself each week, from Al the Flower Guy, are pretty?  Doesn’t he keep his comments to himself about how he could have bought a six-pack with that money you spend on the roses each week? That’s love.

Doesn’t he eat your homemade soups every day, day after day, without complaining?  That’s love.

Doesn’t he get frisky every time you are exhausted, sweaty, irritable or busy reading, writing, ironing or talking on the phone?  Showing interest in someone who isn’t the least bit agreeable to it – that’s love.

Doesn’t he keep the gas tank filled in your car?  Sure the cashiers at the filling station think he’s adorable, thoughtful and has a cute butt.  Sure he buys himself a couple extra lottery tickets, a 20 ounce and 3 Snickers bars while he’s there (and takes it out of your spending money).  That’s love.

And most importantly, doesn’t he keep your dog’s poop cleaned up in the yard?  That is REAL love, baby.

EASY SCOOP - Dog Pooper Scooper

The true test, though, as Cher will tell you – it’s in his kiss.  You know, the kiss he gives you every morning, every evening, every time he leaves the house, every time you leave the house, every time he passes you in the house, at every stop light in the car, every time you stop moving and even when you don’t?  It’s in his kiss.

Leslie Allen Fine Art - Couple Kiss


Dear Shelby:

I think my wife is having an affair with Al the Flower Guy.  How can I find out without following her to the flea market where she claims to be buying roses each week?

Suspicious in the Sunshine State


  Shelby says:

Dear Suspicious.

Dad?  You two are pissing me off.


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I’ve Still Got It – But Nobody Wants to See It

Well, maybe that isn’t entirely true.  I believe someone was trying to pick me up today.  I’m pretty sure, anyway.  I used to just think men were being friendly but my husband and sons tell me that these guys are “hitting on me”.  Would’ve thunk it?

Today I was at a highway rest area walking my dog (about 90 pounds).  A truck driver came up to me with his “alleged” dog (about 3 pounds – max).  This guy was definitely trying to flirt with me.  He was very nice, (older, scruffy – well, okay dirty) and we talked a bit.  His pretend dog peed on my foot.  I was not impressed and Mr. Friendly quickly scooped up the mangy mutt and headed back to his big rig.  Thankfully there was an outdoor hose where I could hose down my sandal and foot.

Just a few days ago I stopped to get some bait to take on a fishing trip with my sons and oldest granddaughter.  A nice (elderly, scruffy – well, okay, dirty looking – notice a trend?) man attempted to engage me in conversation in the store.  On our way to the car (I was with my younger son, Lefty) the gentleman stopped me in the parking lot and attempted, again, to engage me in a prolonged conversation. I was polite, and friendly, but did not encourage him.  Lefty was beside himself in the car, snickering and he finally tapped the horn to rescue me from the clutches of my new-found fishing buddy.

Once when grocery shopping a gentleman followed throughout the store asking me questions about produce, cooking, movies, my phone number, etc. etc.  I, innocently, thought he was just friendly.  Lefty was with me that time, too.  He still gets a kick out of telling the story of my grocery store stalker and how clueless I was as to his intentions.

In a bar, the drunkest man in the room will want to dance with ME.  When out with single friends, men will come up to me and strike up a conversation, leaving the singletons to entertain themselves.  I really don’t think I’m giving off a vibe that says “I’m available” so I don’t know what to think about unsolicited attention.  My husband, Sweet Cheeks, says it is because I am relaxed, friendly, funny, approachable – obviously comfortable and not trying to impress anyone (?).  I’m not even sure what I think about that comment.  But I do like it when HE flirts with me.


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