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Adventures of Andy

Lenore, Over at Lenore Diane’s Thoughts Exactly recently acquired a beautiful creature, Andy, through a White Elephant Gift Exchange.  There was some discussion about whether Andy was an aardvark or armadillo.  When I commented on her “White Elephant Exchange Gift” post, I referred to Andy as an armadillo. 
I expressed that I had been looking for an armadillo, whom I would name Armando, and he would travel the world visiting bloggers and having adventures.  Lenore, gracious buddy that she is, offered to send Andy to me for a visit.  In exchange, I agreed to take him to the Armadillo races held each year in LaBelle, Florida so that he could see some of his speedier relatives.
Andy arrived in Florida on Tuesday and has since spent some time getting to familiarize himself with Casa K8edid.  Today, he accompanied me to work, where he set about increasing his knowledge base and working on solving the Rubik’s cube, which he plans to incorporate into his stand up comedy gig.

Despite his lack of opposable thumbs, Andy is determined to learn to solve the Rubik's cube.



After work, Andy and Shelby had a little play time.
Shhhhh…..nighty night.
When it was time for lights out, Shelby and Andy settled down nicely.  Andy will spend a few weeks with us.  If you are interested in hosting Andy and showing him some of the sights and sounds of your city, contact Lenore Diane directly.
This weekend, Andy will make his way to Miami…we’re looking for a bathing suit for him, but he is hard to fit…..


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Miscellaneous Miscellany & Caption Contest Throwdown

Bread rolls

Image via Wikipedia

It has been a very long week.  We were without internet last week (and had to talk to each other for goodness sake).  We have spent 32 years perfecting our not talking routine…which involves a few universally understood hand gestures, meaningful looks, blowing of kisses and some rather easy to interpret body movements along with the occasional Post-it-Note.  The internet only enhances our ability to communicate wordlessly – without it we were sunk.

I was lucky, I got to go to work, where I do have internet and have been known to occasionally (well, okay….frequently) check my e-mail and blog info.  I also have a smart phone, so can check e-mails, internet, etc (although it gives me a headache to do so).   My husband, not quite so lucky…home all day, no internet.  No smart phone.  I feared for the Comcast guy’s life – my husband was a little beside himself by the time normalcy (?) was restored.

Then Thanksgiving.  Away from home and family.  It was a sad day for me.  We did have a lovely dinner with friends (and all I had to cook were the homemade honey oatmeal rolls and a loaf of bread).  I had nearly forgotten how wonderful it is to make homemade bread – how therapeutic the kneading of dough, how sweet the smell during “proofing” and how marvelously butter melts on a still-hot-from-the-oven dinner roll.


Image by librarygrrrl via Flickr

Then, several days of intense migraines.  By intense I mean being terrified that I would die from the pain, then being terrified that I WOULDN’T die from the pain…but I survived.

AWARDS – I have been nominated, yet again, for the Versatile Blogger award by Barking in the Dark and Years Struck.  While I thank these blogging buddies (please check out their blogs if you haven’t already) – I have been nominated for the award 8 times now and I will have to pass on most of the requirements of the award.

Rubik's cube

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Except the 7 things about me…

1.  I can solve Rubik’s cube.

2.  I have not figured out how to put the “award” logo on my blog so that others will know that I have been so recognized.

3.  I relish being versatile.   I can write some pretty silly stuff, stuff that will make you cry (makes me cry, anyway), recipes, beadwork, and boring vacation photographs.  Where else can you get all that?

4.  I also relish relish, it is so tasty

5.  I make a mean pot of chili.

6.  I do not have a middle name, not even an initial.

7.  I have an amazing husband, but I forget to tell him sometimes.

And, saving the best for last……

I am once again a finalist in the Good Greatsby’s Caption contest.  I happen to think Darla’s caption (She’s a Maineiac) is funnier.  But she has taken some time off from blogging, so I’m hoping she won’t mind so much if I win.   Maybe she won’t even notice, even though it has been her life-long dream to win the darned thing once and for all.  Honestly, I felt so bad that her monkey, Mr. Skittles ran away from home and came to stay with me for awhile the last time we were embroiled in a caption contest throw-down.  AND Pegoleg and I hijacked her blog post and ate all of her snacks in the process.  So get yourself over there and vote for me, or Darla.  Or any of them.

Thanks.  Now I have to go get caught up on my reading.


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