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Return trip ticket from Delirium – One for the Road


There I was, lying in my bed

A rattle in my lungs, fever messin’ up my head

I dreamed weird dreams and lounged in a funk

Hallucinating from the all the Nyquil I’d drunk.


I dreamed Timothy Olyphant was nuzzling my neck

But woke instead to sloppy dog kisses – BLECH.

Then dreams of ice skating, executing perfect landings

Only to find spilled ice chips, in wet socks – barely standing.


Pile the blankets on, throw them off moments later.

Shivery then sweaty  – my thermometer’s a traitor!

Too weak to stand, too sore to lay down any longer

Impatiently waiting for the day I feel stronger.


At last cough has departed – fever’s gone from my head

I face the new day with a real sense of dread.

Surveying the work that piled up while out on that “trip”

I head for the Nyquil, for just one more sip!!!


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I’ll Take Timothy Olyphant for 200, Alex

Intertitle from the television program Justified

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For the record, I am a middled aged woman who is happily married and who also abhors television violence.  But I watch Justified every week (recorded on the DVR, I’m old and fall asleep early).  Every week.  I put up with an hour (okay, 0kay, 40 minutes with commercials) of drug- and moonshine-crazed Kentuckians shooting one another, beating each other, double-dealing and back-stabbing just to catch a glimpse of:

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Yeah.  That’s just how I roll.


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