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You want fries with that?

Manet, Edouard - La Serveuse de Bocks (The Wai...

Sometimes, and I know you are going to be shocked by this revelation, I am overcome by dark moods.  I know, it IS hard to believe, isn’t it.  Sometimes these moods stretch over several days.  Again, I know you are finding this nearly impossible to comprehend.  But, alas, it is true.

Once, in the middle of one of these moods, I went out to eat with co-workers in an attempt to crawl out of my funk.  Our server (why can’t they be waiters and waitresses any more?) asked each of us in turn “What would you like?”  Just for a moment, my mood – foul and black – struggled for control.  As each co-worker placed their order, I sat thinking “What would I really like?”

“What I’d like,” I wanted to say “is a homecooked meal I don’t have to cook.  I’d like to sleep long, and late and uninterrupted – and then spend a day in my pajamas without having to be sick to feel entitled to do so.  I’d like to win the lottery and give every single penny away.  I’d like to live in a world where parents never hear ‘Your child has cancer.’  I’d like to watch the news and not feel like weeping.  I’d like politicians to shut up and do something, ANYTHING, but please shut up.  I’d like to sit in a rocking chair with an infant snuggled on my chest and rock them to sleep feeling their warm, moist breath on my neck.  I’d like to have a stranger (sober) pay me a compliment.  I’d like to wear killer heels just once more.  I’d like to read all day and make love all night – or vice versa.  I’d like to have long legs, hair and fingernails.  I’d like for my husband to know that he is as important to me as the air that I breathe.  I’d like a clean house, a dirty martini, and a stack of good books.  I’d like to go back in time and see my children’s faces the first time they tasted ice cream.  I’d like to hug a veteran, slap a pedophile, and tickle a toddler.  I’d like to be outgoing and happy and free from soul-sucking black moods.  I’d like an order of optimism with gratitude on the side.  And if it isn’t too much trouble, I’d like to see justice for all.”

What I said, when she got to me was “I’d like the tuna melt and unsweetened tea, please”.  She didn’t even know she dodged that bullet…so I left her a huge tip.

A sandwich on a plate with French fries as ser...

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What would you like?


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Arches National Park – WARNING – Vacation Photos

It has been a while since I’ve shared photos of my trip out west with my husband (and best driver in the world).  I was on a 6-month hiatus from driving, plus I had a leg injury.  Most of the travel time was spent icing my injured (and very bruised and swollen) leg.  Hubby drove all 5,000 miles and didn’t once leave me at a tourist spot (although I am sure he was tempted on many occasions).  But then, who would have told him how to drive?

Enjoy Arches National Park.

Just inside the entrance.  And another gorgeous sky.

Not even to the good stuff yet.

Balanced Rock

Now some Arches carved by wind and rain.

We sat under this arch – there was a beautiful breeze that felt almost like air conditioning.  My poor leg was screaming by this point, but we kept on…

I thought this rock looked like a Sharpei

Near the end of our excursion

And the shifted earth outside the park…


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No S’more left behind – lessons from my summer vacation

Headed for the graham cracker

Lesson #1.  Travelling with a 90 pound dog will not keep you “safe”.

Shelby at the playground

Shelby, the pampered camper

See my blog about Shelby the Wonder Shepherd https://k8edid.wordpress.com/2011/06/24/ and unwanted male attention https://k8edid.wordpress.com/2011/06/25/ive-still-got-…ants-to-see-it/ .  I would say that more men approached me and started conversations when I was walking my dog this summer than during any other activity.  Ms. Shelby is an attention whore, and she appears to prefer males to females.  Just my luck.

What I did get, in addition to dog pee on my foot, was a lot of time to bond with Ms. Shelby.  I also got a ton of dog hair in my car, which, when I opened the windows for fresh air (Ms. Shelby farts a lot) seemed to fly directly into my mouth.  Ahhh, the joys of pet ownership.

Lesson #2. All things in moderation.

Ribs, pork loin, beef loin, and various edibles

I ate a lot.  I drank (not a lot, but I seldom drink anyway, so it seemed like a lot).  I guess the only thing that kept me from ballooning to the size of the Goodyear Blimp was the fact that I swam every day, walked my dog a lot, dodged unwanted male attention, spent an inordinant amount of time swatting mosquitoes and biting flies, and scratching.  This was the smoked meats array that was consumed at Sweet Cheeks’ Birthday party, and only a small fraction of the food presented.  If I never eat another s’more, hot dog, or grilled hamburger I will not feel cheated…

Lesson #3.  Everything boys can do girls can do better.

Catch of the Day

That is what her T-shirt says.  This child outfished every adult without even trying.  In fact, most of the time she was playing sudoku on my otherwise useless cell phone.  This lovely young woman is my granddaughter Clarissa, who will not be invited on future fishing expeditions.

Lesson #4. Camping is fun.

Lesson #5.  Camping is REALLY fun.

Lesson #6. Naps are wasted on children.

Shelby at Rest

I believe that dogs and senior citizens appreciate naps more than any other groups; and as such, should be allowed to indulge whenever the urge strikes.  Shelby agrees wholeheartedly.

Lesson #7. Everything is better when shared.

Shelby and Sweet Cheeks

Of the 51 days that I spent in Michigan, Sweet Cheeks was able to join me for only 10 days.  Those were the best 10 days of the entire summer.  After all, what better than sharing mosquitoes, biting flies, campfire smoke in your eyes, burnt hotdogs, hangovers and tons of sand?  My point exactly.

Lesson #8.  You never know when you will be “mooned”, but when your sons are in the vicinity, there’s usually a pretty good chance.


I won’t show the actual mooning photo here, out of deference to my nearly teen-aged granddaughter who was mortified when I put the picture on Facebook (it has since been removed).  Suffice it to say that it was an important lesson to her about baring body parts in the vicinity of cell phones and cameras.

Lesson #9.  Sunsets are AWESOME.

No explanation needed.  These photos were taken on Lilley Lake near Harrison, Michigan.

Lesson #10.  Forgiveness is easy when you have a very bad memory.

Dad & Me

I was reunited, after many years of no contact, with my father.  We never were close.  In fact, I was a teenager before I ever met him.  He is very forgetful now – I believe he has Alzheimer’s, although I am not a doctor and I only spent an hour or two with him.  My memory is still pretty sharp, but I am glad that I finally stopped wishing things had been different in the past.  The only way I could accomplish that was by “forgetting” more.  I’m still a work in progress.

I can’t wait for next summer – I plan on doing it all again.


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