Migraine – An Etheree



Shades pulled down

Cool cloth on eyes

Steady stabs of pain

Hours ticking slowly by

Rolling waves of nausea

Waiting, riding it out, praying

Relief will come, eyes will open to

A fresh, bright world that’s free from all pain

And I have survived another migraine.



Filed under General Mumblings

17 responses to “Migraine – An Etheree

  1. Bless your hear, K8edid! Hope you have a nice, calm, sound sleep…

  2. Wow, K8. This is great! Are you still battling the migraine? I hope you feel better soon. And the picture of the hamster is perfect. Ok. I’ll be quiet now. Shhhhh……

  3. Very nice etheree! Wishing you more cool and quiet…shhhh….

  4. oooooh, I hope it goes away. Bless your heart.

  5. I admire the beegebers out of you that you could post such a perfect picture and poem about migraines when, I deduce, you were in the midst of one.

    I know the storm it causes. I have had them all my life. All things change–pain eventually goes away. I’m with you and so are a lot of folks.

    • Lorna, thanks. I wrote that in the hang-over phase that I get with my medicine – the pain is gone but the brain is a little mushy. I know a lot of people suffer, and I don’t have nearly as many as I used to, thank goodness. I’m back to my usually snarky self today. Just so many posts to read!!!

  6. You have my empathy! Dark washclothes and white noise (waves on shore) help me. I understand about not dealing with quiet. Hope you feel better soon. BTW – luved the picture and poem.

  7. My heart goes out to you! I’ve never had a migraine–knock on wood–but my daughter gets them and when it comes on, I know it’s awful. Loved your poem, btw. Very creative!

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