The New Girls’ Night Out


“It’s Girls’ Night” my youngest granddaughter told her mother on the phone.  “And we’re swimming.”  She was so excited, as were her cousins.  We’d booked a suite, combining a visit to a sick relative with a last fling of Christmas break.

For me, Girls’ Night has new meaning.  Instead of poker and beer, it was Nintendo and Bug Juice.  Instead of Rocky Horror Picture Show it was Chronicals of Narnia.  Nights at the comedy club were traded for “Knock, Knock” jokes.  Hairspray, makeup, and perfume got traded for hair detangler and chlorine removing shampoo.


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Instead of rock bands there were pony tail bands.  Instead of discussions of world events, celebrity missteps and politics, the talk was of Justin Bieber, Codie Simpson, who has a “boyfriend”, and who gets to sleep in the bed with Nanny.  Instead of glitzy outfits, dangly earrings and the elusive “perfect jeans” we partied in damp swimsuits and warm jammies.  Instead of appetizers and drinks we consumed trail mix, fruit and uncaffeinated soft drinks.  Instead of hangovers, there was morning snuggling and giggling.

And it was good.

As I watched them sleep, much as I had watched their fathers sleep many years ago, I was filled with wonder at the love I feel for them.  My pride at their every accomplishment – my heartache at their every sorrow.  Will they ever know just how their simply being born enriched my life?  Will they ever know that as I drove away from them I turned my face to the window and cried halfway to my new home?

Do they know how I savor every minute that they WANT to spend with me because I know that in the natural course of growing up they will soon prefer spending their time with friends their own ages to hanging out with a funny old woman with white hair and sun damaged skin?  Will they know of my secret pride that, in spite of the hundreds of dollars spent collectively on their Christmas presents, that their favorite activity is still “playing school” with Nanny, who presents them with math problems, art projects and yes – writing assignments?




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45 responses to “The New Girls’ Night Out

  1. You have perfectly described a grandma’s heart. Beautiful. They are such gifts – like our children, only grander.

  2. Sounds like you fit in every possible minute of every night with jammy warm memories. What fun you’re having with your girls after having boys. Happy New Year!

  3. Oh, this made me tear up. I can only imagine what it’s like to be a grandma. Something I am sure I will savor as much as you do!

  4. If they didn’t know, K8 – they do now.
    Hugs to you.

  5. jacquelincangro

    They will have such wonderful memories of their grandma and their first girls’ night.
    Happy New Year to all!

  6. Doc

    The only way the girls are going to know your feelings is if you tell them. As often as possinle. And show them by your continued presence. And just who is Codie Simpson?

    • I tell them all the time – they are probably sick of hearing it. Just doesn’t seem like enough.

      Cody (sorry I spelled it wrong – what was I thinking) Simpson is a Justin Bieber wannabe – young blonde singer(?) heart throb to multitudes of tweens and pre-tweens.

  7. How sweet. What a great way to end the holiday–with the ones you love. And, yes, they know!

    Happy New Year to you, my friend!


  8. Yes they will and do know how you love them, and that love expressed to a child becomes the foundation upon which they build healthy lives.

    And because you have this phenomenal blog to record your feelings! Maybe you should be printing out your posts to preserve for posterity? Maybe we all should.

  9. You nailed it when you wrote “how I savor every minute that they WANT to spend with me”! It is the best “high” I’ve ever had 😉

  10. Nancy

    Yes,yes,yes, they’ll know all of that because YOU taught them that! Theyll remember this fun time with you forever, and cherish your time together as much as you do.

  11. Oh how wonderful…a perfect time..and you ask yourself the same question I do..will they ever know how precious they are …?
    Thanks for a great post..I am so glad I found you..through Mark I think…sending wishes for a terrific new year!!

    • I think they can’t possibly know until they feel it themselves. I remember how very happy my maternal grandmother always was to see me…now I understand.

      Hope your 2012 is splendid.

  12. I have no children or grandchildren but I see how my adult niece still adores my mother, her grandma. Your grandchildren will ALWAYS find you special.

  13. what a sweet, heartfelt post Kate. happy new year. continue…

  14. Now that’s the kind of grandmother I always wanted to have. I’m glad to know they exist in real life and not just in fiction!

    • My maternal grandmother was very loving and sweet, and made me feel so loved. I try to model her behavior with my grandbabies. I just love being with them, whether we are doing anything or not.

  15. Wishing you a great and happy 2012 my friend 🙂

  16. winsomebella

    You have said perfectly exactly what I have felt. They are lucky you are in their lives and part of their girls night out. Thanks for this 🙂

  17. Lovely. Heartbreaking. Beautiful.

  18. I love this:
    Will they ever know just how their simply being born enriched my life?
    Isn’t that true? I don’t think they’ll ever know until they have their own children. Lovely. Lovely.

  19. You are wise. You know the cycle of children well. I look forward to spoiling Grandchildren one day.

  20. Lucky children to have a special Nanny like you. It looks
    like everyone is a winner.
    Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.

    • Thanks, Isadora. We simply must get together for a drink or cup of tea – we are mere miles from one another. I’ve seen your jewelry over at the little store by the CrabHouse. Lovely stuff.

      • Yes … we must … I am waiting for my dental work to be completed to feel better. I had thought about a wuick coffee or tea visit at Fisherman’s or some other central place. Dr. of destruction to teeth should be done soon. I haven’t eaten solid food since November. UGH UGH UGH … !!!!
        Thanks on the jewelry … can you tell I’m playing catch up???

  21. Your post made me smile and cry. I lost my mother in 2010. My 7-year-old wrote a letter to Santa this year saying she wanted her Nana. 🙂 So glad you and your grandkids are savoring the time you spend with each other!!

    • Oh, I am sorry for your loss. My mother passed away almost 33 years ago…and I miss her each day. So much she would have loved to get to know her grandchildren (she was 42 years old and still had 3 boys living at home). Our lives are enriched by grandparents – memories of my grandmother (on my mother’s side) and grandpa (on my step-dad’s side) are among the only good memories I have of my childhood. My heart aches for your daughter…

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