Life is Better with a Pint of Vermont’s Finest

Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry’s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I’m feeling down, dragging bottom
When skies are gray, and my mood is rotten
When my attitude reeks and happiness eludes me
There are a couple of friends I know I must see.

Off to the kitchen, with dinner to make
I spy a near-empty pint of “Strawberry Cheesecake”
The few spoonfuls eaten, starting to feel drunk
I eye a quart of “Triple Caramel Chunk”.

Scrounging in the freezer, starting to shake
Do I want “Phish Food”? or “Red Velvet Cake”?
“Dublin Mudslide”? or “Peach Cobbler”
I’m transforming into a frozen dairy treat gobbler.

I try to resist with all the strength I can muster.
I cave when I see a pint of “What a Cluster”.
When I find a lonely spoonful of “Chunky Monkey”
I shovel it in like some kind of junkie.

“Chubby Hubby” doesn’t stand a chance
During my in-front-of-the-freezer-door dance
“Chocolate Therapy” is exactly just that.
Say, does this “Crème Brulee” make me look fat?

I scrape out the last bite, down my chin it runs.
Then I reach in the back for some “Cinnamon Buns”
A few little bites really won’t matter
So I finish off a pint of “Cake Batter”.

I embrace “Cherry Garcia” –  it counts as a fruit!
My diet is now shot so that point is just moot.
“Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough” calls out to me
When my table is called – Pity, Party of three!

Skipping dinner is starting to sound just fine,
As long I can hang out with these friends of mine
Just two Vermont guys who always cheer me up
Whether enjoyed in a cone, a bowl or a cup.

Just three good buddies – Ben & Jerry, and Me.

Triple Caramel Chunk

Triple Caramel Chunk (Photo credit: Shoshanah)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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34 responses to “Life is Better with a Pint of Vermont’s Finest

  1. Yummy! So what’s up with all the Ben and Jerry’s posts?

    • See, this is what happens when a post goes up on a Monday and it happens to be one of the worst Mondays I’ve had in a while. I can’t get to my visitors to properly thank them.

      Thanks for coming by – it was an event spearheaded by that awesome Ben & Jerry’s addict, I mean aficianado – Lenore Diane.

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  3. This is so much fun! (I was especially fond of the Cinnamon Buns verse.) But I find it tragic that I completely approve of ice cream for breakfast, and yet… I have none.

  4. The perfect poem, Katy. I wouldn’t expect anything less from you. Would you believe I’ve never tried Cinnamon Buns? Or Chocolate Therapy? Have I been living under a rock or what?

    • Maybe Ben & Jerry will invite us to read/sing/show our stuff at their place – it would be a great spot to hold a blogger get-together.

      You have got to get out more, Missy.

  5. Well done! I can almost taste that creamy confection – that is, if I could taste anything. I’m miserable sick, just like Peg. Ugh…

    • Miss Terry-Berry – how did I miss this comment? I hope you are feeling better now. When you can taste things again – I highly recommend ice cream…

  6. Ice cream is an enemy of my hips. But you know what they say…keep your friends close and your enemies closer. 🙂

  7. I am honored that this post brought out one of your rockin’ rhymes, Katy. I swear you make it looks so easy. Of course, with ice cream as the topic – specifically Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, the rhymes probably do come a little easier, eh?
    This was awesome, awesome! I am so glad you played! Thank you!!

  8. Great friends those guys! We’re making our way through some Key Lime Pie.

  9. My wife would agree with every word. I’ll pass this along. Any chance you’ll be writing a poem about beer next?

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  11. What sweet friends. I may have to have them over soon.

  12. Fantastic poem! I wonder if Shelby has a flavor preference. Reggie seems to enjoy the strawberry cheesecake.

  13. Ben and Jerry are both so sweet. It amazes me how they make their way into the hearts (and other places) of so many in America!

  14. It sounds like you’re serving up my kind of menu, Katy. Break out a second spoon, gimme a sweater and make a little room in front of the freezer for me!

    Great poem! It’s really amazing what one can do when inspiration strikes deep down in their soul.

    • Here’s a spoon – if you’re still sick you’ll have to eat out of your own container, though. I’m a bit of a germ-a-phobe like that. I do hope you are better. How did you and Tar Buns get sick at the same time?

      I guess I better get to work on my beer poem. See GG’s comment above. Want to join?

  15. Mmmmm, Triple Caramel Chunk. I eat that one with a garden trowel. Gosh, it’s good. Great post.

  16. I’m an ice cream gal so have been enjoying all these ice cream posts.
    My favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor? I’m into their vanilla these days. We had it last night with French apple tart. Ohmygod!!

  17. I’m so jealous of everyone who has tasted all of these flavors. You must all be super skinny and need the extra fat.

  18. B R I L L I A N T !! WOWWwww.

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