Make this Scary Beaded Spider for Halloween

I’ve updated this DIY project for my beaded spider design (You know, made some corrections, cleaned up the typos, added the wine component).  I’ve kept one of these guys on my printer/copier/scanner in the office since last Halloween.  He’s good company, doesn’t eat much, and keeps the real spiders away!  Make a few for yourself and your friends.

Gather these supplies and a glass of wine. Or 3.

You will need

26 gauge beading wire (I used black)

1 large black bead (mine was 22 mm)

1 smaller orange bead (I used 12 mm)

1 size 6 orange seed bead

2-3 grams black Size 11 hex beads

1 gram size 11 orange seed beads

Various tools for snipping, twisting, etc.

Cut 4 pieces of wire 8 inches long, and 1 piece 6 inches long

On the 6 inch piece of wire, place a size 11 black hex bead and center (roughly) on the wire.  Fold the wire so the 2 ends are even, with the bead at the “fold”.

Thread the 2 ends of the wire through the  large black bead, large orange bead, and the size 6 orange bead.

Bending the wire back around the smaller orange bead, go back through the hole of the smaller bead (between the 2 orange beads).  Slide the smaller bead down and while holding it, pull the ends of the wire to tighten.  These will be the pinchers which will be shaped later  Right now, leave them long to help you hold onto the spider with your non-drinking hand.

Man, I need a manicure. And another glass of wine.

Now take the 4 pieces of 8 inch wire and wrap around the wires between the large orange and large black bead.  Twist the wires together to form 8 legs.

Stringing 1 leg at a time, place 5 black hex beads and 1 size 11 orange bead (those are the little ones).  Repeat the pattern for as long as you would like the legs to be.  I repeated 6 times on each leg.

Great, now everyone has my fingerprint…guess my witness protection identity is about to come to an end…

This actually goes pretty fast as the wire acts as the needle.  For the first spider I used 5 repeats of the black and orange beads, and it turned out fine, as well.  You could do 5 on the front and back legs and 6 on the legs in the middle.  Play around, people – get creative.  Drink up.

At the end of the leg, bring the wire back around the last bead, and holding it in place, wrap the wire around the bead at the end of the leg several times and snip off the excess.  Repeat for the remaining 7 legs.  Or 5 if that’s all you ended up with.  I don’t judge.

Now trim off the ends of the “pinchers” coming from the head of the spider.

Using a round nose plier (What?  you don’t have round nose pliers?  Well, using a pencil tip or some other round object), twist the ends around to resemble little biting jaws.  BwahHaHaHaHa.

The legs are very bend-able which makes the spiders completely pose-able.  Guess who will be going to work with me tomorrow?


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32 responses to “Make this Scary Beaded Spider for Halloween

  1. Wow. I admit the fact that the spider in your hand creeps me out a bit. Your creation looks a wee bit too realistic. I like your scary beaded spider. Very much. I’m impressed with the pictures, too. You were able to get some great detailed shots. Well done, Katy. I’m sharing this with my crafty neighbors. I failed Crafty 101.

    • k8edid

      I used to teach beading classes – there was only 1 person I couldn’t teach – and she really didn’t want to learn…Maybe someday I’ll do a video DIY…

  2. Omgosh,
    he is GORGEOUS! Looove! Xxx

  3. That is a fantastic spider! I didn’t really read the instructions because the pictures are great and I’ve tried beading and while I like the creative aspect, it just is not my thing. But I am always in awe of unusual and well executed pieces and your spider is definitely in that class.

  4. VERY realistic. I don’t think I could handle having that on my desk! You did a great job on this. My old fat fingers don’t do beads very well.

  5. Ewwww. I think I just walked through this guy’s web.

  6. WAY more work than I would ever do… but SO darn cute! Great post.

  7. This is way beyond me. I am in awe. I can’t sew a straight line and never mind knitting. I got so tense my hands perspired, the wool got wet, the tension so tight the wool started to squeak.

    I think I’ll just take an image capture if you don’t mind, print if off, put it on the floor and wait for the screams. 🙂

  8. WSW

    All this and crafting too? You continue to amaze.

  9. Cute! Great alternative to Halloween cards! Maybe I can eek out some time this week. Oh, I want to make these. Great pictures–you do make it look easy.

    • It is pretty simple – finding the right beads might take the most time of all – but most stores have out some orange and black stuff…I hope you do try one.

  10. Hey, I remember this project! I plan to tackle it the way I do most things; glass of wine in hand, feet up on the desk as I admire those who have a lot more ambition than I, to actually do stuff like this.

    • Those who can – do, those who can’t – envy. Or something like that. I kept getting a lot of internet searches for the beaded guy, so I thought I’d clean it up a little. I hate when I find typos a year later…

  11. I thought that fingerprint looked familiar.

    I’m trying to find an adjective beyond “awesome,” but my words aren’t working. Awesome!

  12. I remember this, too. But, y’know, even though you added the wine bit…and you are incredibly crafty with the little tiny pincher thingys and they are darned cute…I’m afraid I am still hyperventilating. I can’t handle spiders. Nice try though, Katy.

  13. Tar-Buns

    That’s a cool looking spidey, but like Darlina, I don’t like spiders. There are too many hanging out in my house. And they must be killed…before they get to ME and bite me!
    Liked the pictures, good detail. You sure are talented!

    • So many spidey haters!!! I won’t show him this post or these comments, he’s a sensitive guy. It is really hard to take pictures and hold things at the same time, and the timer thing never really seems to work right for me. So the pictures were actually harder than making the spider.

    • I used to hate spiders until I realized I hated mosquitoes and flies even more. Maybe I’ll put up a couple of these to attract even more spiders.

      • k8edid

        I agree – flies and mosquitoes are the worst of all…spiders just live over there in the corner – no walking all over your food or helping themselves to your blood supply. Let me know how many you want – they’re cheap but the shipping will kill you.

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